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Brand communication in the age of pandemics

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What marketing activities to take during the global crisis? Do you even carry them out?

Coronavirus … we hear everywhere! Because it’s everywhere and everything turns us upside down. There is no industry which, by shaking the chains, would not feel the current pandemic of the coronovirus. COVID-19 wreaks havoc and affects all brands, both small and large.

Earlier, we heard about the closing of factories in China, which had a big impact on problems in supply chains, followed by an epidemic in Italy and throughout Europe. What we heard earlier in China and Italy has reached us. We already feel the crisis related to the spread of Covid-19 in Poland. Schools, shopping malls were closed, many companies and offices were delegated to work remotely or were closed at all. Hairdressing and beauty salons, industrial shops, gyms were closed and we hear … a virus from everywhere. Every day more bans are introduced. These activities are aimed at slowing down the pandemic. We should all support them, because it concerns us all. Until recently, we could find funny memes „in anticipation of a coronavirus” on social media, but no one was aware of the seriousness of the problem. It happens and applies to all brands, all of us.

Branding w czasie epidemii koronowirusa

How to conduct marketing and brand communication in times of crisis?

First of all, we can’t behave as if nothing happened and focus on sales, sales, promotions, rooms, discount codes, etc. We should also not be selfish as if the crisis only affected our brand and complain about everything around. The problem concerns us all. Not only large brands, not only smaller brands, not just selected or selected segments – all! All brands will feel the effects of a pandemic, but some will do better than others.

If the brand’s communication activities have not changed, then it’s time to change it. At the moment, in the face of what is happening around the action according to pre-set schedules, they may be badly received. Of course, we do not want to hear and read about the virus everywhere, that we would like to read or watch communication nice, funny, pleasant, but … about it a little later … Unfortunately, many brands do not respond to the changing situation. Posts and stories are full of ads, promotions, discount codes. Influencer marketing, which in our other entry is currently full of photos from celebrity life, holiday photos, discount codes. But … this is not the moment. The subject of the virus dominated all levels and, referring to Maslow’s pyramid, the need for acquisition has now been pushed into the background to meet the needs of survival and security.

Działania reklamowe a koronowirus w Polsce

What should brand communication look like in times of crisis?

It is definitely time to analyze and modify brand communication activities. Brands must be aware that their customers are not looking for information on the latest trends or „mega” promotions. They worry about themselves, their surroundings and their business. And this is where the field of action for brands opens. If your brand is able to help, then let it help and support. Currently, many world fashion brands, big fashion houses have donated funds to fight a pandemic. Blogger Chiara Ferragmi raised almost 4 million Euro among her fans, which she donated for hospitalization in the fight against the virus. Many international companies have decided to help and support the fight against the virus.

In Poland, many companies have declared their readiness to sew protective masks and company support. But what if the brand faced the mark ??? She can’t afford great gestures and company support? Communication must be clear and connected with reality. Because the crisis is affecting us globally, brand communication should refer to the current situation. We also build the brand in times of crisis. Suddenly introducing promotions and directing activities at CTA, at this moment indicates the weakness of the brand. Each brand has its recipients, now it’s time for education, civic attitude and support. This is the moment when we should focus on the image, not on sales. Once we refer to this situation, which affects us all, it is worth considering further brand communication and marketing activities, because their further suspension for an indefinite period is not the best solution.

First of all, marketing activities in the network, but at the moment not focused on CTA (call to action) aimed at sales. For brand communication, it is time to redirect the budget previously planned for sales.

Marketing a koronowirus

Brands should communicate their values. Do it consistently and consistently to move to other content naturally when the crisis is over.

Brands should conduct a dialogue, because communication non-existence for a long period of time will not bring anything good. It is therefore time to refine the website, improve branding, for which there is always no time, analyze and choose the right communication channel, supplement entries and posts in social media. Time spent working on the brand’s image and its visual identity.

Let’s remember that we spend more time using the Internet today. The probability that your future customers will find your brand on the web is increasing, so you should take care of branding and a clear message of the brand. Let’s think what can communicate at the moment? Let’s try to be where our customers are. The brand should communicate with reality. So we’re building a content community. For example, the YES brand on stories conducted a survey in which it asked its clients what content they were interested in at that time? This is a great example of brand communication in relation to real events.

Let’s get ready for sale. If not a sales platform, then a website … if not, then sales via instagram or facebook.

Online shopping may be affected by both brand and supply uncertainty. Communication must be clear and reliable. So let’s take care of visual communication and outstanding branding. If until now the brand has only sold offline, it must take into account that it can wait … for the next customers. It is worth considering whether such brand communication will give it a chance to survive. Will the brand survive this difficult time. Is it worth it now to bet on good branding and transfer the brand to the network?

In summary, brand communication in the time of crisis fulfills the role of building a long-term relationship with the customer. If the brand at this moment takes care of the customer by engaging in various free, educational, non-sales campaigns, it just gives something from the brand, it will be noticed and appreciated and the customer will repay for it in the future. Brands often fight with each other and in the age of epidemiological crisis we are all equal, our attitude counts.

Together we can do more.

co to jest cross marketing

Cross marketing – together we can do more

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Together we can do more! It has been known for a long time that we can achieve greater benefits by opening ourselves to cooperation than by acting alone. This is also the case in branding when brands combine marketing, graphic design and brand identification for mutual good.

What is cross marketing?

Cross marketing, also known as cross marketing, is primarily a chance to reach a double audience, but also proof of the brand’s maturity. Creating a good brand strategy using cross marketing benefits both cooperating brands. Cross marketing is a collaboration of at least two entities whose offers complement each other, consisting of combining promotional activities, branding and graphic designs.Czym jest cross marketing

What are the benefits of cross marketing?

  • expanding the audience
  • brings benefits to both sides, warming the image of both sides (brands)
  • allows you to reach a larger and new audience
  • helps reduce the cost of promotion by creating joint promotional materials, joint branding, graphic designs, brand identification or a common brand strategy.

In a word, cross marketing can be described as sharing expenses and multiplying profits 🙂

Once we know that cross marketing will bring us great benefits by optimizing the budget and multiplying communication channels, two things are important:

  • the right business partner,
  • appropriate branding studio that will carry out professional projects and visual identity of the brand.

Cooperation as part of cross marketing activities brings specific benefits – image and sales, as well as allows you to optimize the costs associated with promotion.

budowanie cross marketingu w internecie

Examples of good cross marketing

Cross marketing is the answer to current trends. We know of collaborations of fashion brands, which are a kind of cross marketing. Cooperation between brands has already become the norm in the fashion world. Collaborations are a great combination of high fashion and street wearu. Since the first collection of Karl Lagerfeld from H&M in 2004, information on subsequent collaborations appears from week to week.

Virgil Abloh, artistic director of the Louis Vuitton male line and founder of the Off-White brand is the undisputed king of fashion collaborations in recent years. On December 3, 2019, the Dior collection show for fall 2020 took place, during which the surprising Dior x Air Jordan 1 „Air Dior” shoe design was officially presented, a project combining high fashion with streetwear and a sneakers environment.

Applications for cross marketing

Let us remember that consent builds, and disagreement ruins. In the pre-Christmas period, it is worth considering, look around yourself, open to cooperation with others … Cross marketing is a great example of cooperation that can bring greater profits to brands, thanks to the synergy effect, which is a process of interaction of two or more factors with a greater effect on the total interaction than on the effect of their single action.

Let’s not hesitate, let’s ensure good branding, because good branding also means cross marketing and cooperation with other brands.

Kolory Pantone 2020

PANTONE – from the hermetic printing industry to the world of pop culture and all creation

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Only a few years ago, Pantone from Carlstadt, New Jersey and its system were known mainly in the printing industry and also in the related graphics industry. Today, thanks to thoughtful marketing, Pantone has permanently entered the pop culture and all sorts of design and design industries from graphics, through interior architecture and fashion, to industrial design.

For several years, the company cyclically chooses the color of the year which imprints on what color will be the most fashionable items of everyday use. This is how a specialist company from the printing industry has become a colorful trendsetter known all over the world. The year 2020 is Classic Blue, which is simply blue. A year ago it was Living Coral, and before that Ultra Violet. All these colors have been around for centuries, but for some time Pantone’s suggestibility has been noticeable. Unfortunately, even the rivers in India are convinced about this influence, where the highly developed textile industry chemically dyes them in a currently fashionable color.

Blue, so we will have a year of blissful peace full of ideas.

According to the psychology of colors and research, cool blue calms down, lowers pressure, stimulates creativity and inspires confidence, which is why it is often used by IT, insurance, medical industries etc. It brings to mind relaxation, intelligence, strength, spirituality, coolness, freshness and other qualities, among others, for associations with the sky, seas and oceans, but this article does not focus on this.

The color scale created by Pantone is the most complete set of colors developed for the printing industry, as well as all creative industries where color plays a very important role. The basic scale describes 1761 colors for coated and uncoated substrates, and each color has a unique number. They are formed by mixing 18 pigments (including white and black). Hence their reproduction on RGB and CMYK scales (4 colors) is not easy and requires experience and sensitivity.
Kolory pantone praktyczne informacje

In addition to basic colors, Pantone also offers metallic and fluorescent colors.

Color samples are very helpful in standardizing the desired color when dealing with different printing technologies and various substrates. Agenza Studio has naturally been using the Pantone pattern book for years, which is crucial in the color management process, which does not change the fact that we supplement it with RAL, NCS, Avery and Oracal, Plexiglass etc. templates to comprehensively control the colors.

Thus, from the hermetic world of the printing industry, Pantone emerged into the wide waters of pop culture, all creative industries and became a symbol of the world of colors.

zalety strony internetowej

Why is it worth having your own website?

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Nowadays, almost every company, be it a small local or large corporation, has its own website. Why is this happening? because it is an important element of doing business and marketing. A website is a great way to attract new potential customers, but it has many more advantages. What exactly?

The three most important advantages of having a website are:

Building a positive company image

Building a positive brand image is extremely important these days. Because of a few reasons. The first is that a company that presents itself through an attractive visual and functional website will inspire much more confidence among potential customers. And trust in business is the foundation. Secondly, it gives a signal that it is a modern, competent and reliable company, since it has its own website. Thirdly, it builds and creates the image prestige of the brand, which in turn influences the fact that it stands out and is visible against the background of bland competition.

Advertising function

The website is 24/7 internet advertising. It works all the time, night, day, on holidays and at any time of the year. Thanks to it, you will not only present your offer and services, but also you will have the chance to find new potential customers. Or rather that they will find you in the google search engine. A modern, transparent, functional and smartphone-tailored website is a relatively cheap advertising investment that will serve for several years.

Information function

The offer, services, working hours, prices, addresses and phone numbers are the most important information that potential customers may need when looking for a company to cooperate with. If you have a website, you can be sure that all this information will always be available to potential customers interested in your company, at any time and in any place when they bother. If the customer does not quickly find the information he needs, there is a good chance that he will find another company.

trendy przy projektowaniu

Trends in creating websites

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New trends in creating websites and online stores are a derivative of technological development and how we use the internet. Keeping track of trends, we should keep a distance with every project and choose something good and characteristic for it, because fitting „by force” into any trend can have the opposite effect.

Trends are the answer to the problem and should be its solution. They are also a reaction to a change of habits, a different lifestyle, to the changing world around us.

The approaching year 2020 brings us a lot of new and interesting solutions, but first of all about the trends that have become a standard when designing websites.


User Experience, i.e. the whole experience that the user experiences when using the website or mobile application. This area is already being discussed in the context of every website. It will be no different in the years to come. Minimalism and thoughtful UX will make the pages even more effective in acquiring users, and thus customers. Inspiration can be social media or mobile applications, it is important that this translates into positive experiences for customers.


Only a few years back the website’s responsiveness was its additional advantage. Today it is a total standard and must have. First and foremost, websites need to look good on smartphones, because more and more page views are currently generated by mobile devices. This is supported by Google with the initiative of AMP, i.e. accelerated mobile websites. It is an open source project that makes websites load quickly on smartphones even with slow connections. They are saved in Google AMP memory, which speeds up loading. Combined with universal Responsive Design, this is an irreversible direction in which web design is heading. The following years will only strengthen this trend.

mobilne strony internetowe trendyMinimalism

Minimalism in web design is a well-known trend and will continue to function for years to come. Thanks to it, the pages show the most important things and user friendly. They can impress you with their simplicity. Minimalist design is and will be trendy. In such a „minimalist” environment, the most important content attracts attention and the user knows exactly what to do.

Examples of our pages made in a minimalist style:, and


We are observing more and more websites, where video plays a major role. Fast-running movies can convey more attractive content than text. It also results from the fact of browsing websites on smartphones, where we are used to watching (photos or just video) rather than reading. Pictures and videos from the life of the company are more convincing than a long, lofty description of the company’s activity, which … nobody reads anyway;)

Trends in web design for the coming years


Brutalism refers to the mainstream architecture of the late 1940s. The name was taken from the French „brut” which means „raw”. Pages made in the spirit of brutality have a simplified interface to the limits of decency. Strong edge selection, very contrasting colors and … BRUTALITY are the characteristics of pages made in accordance with this trend.

Single-Page Application

Single-Page Application is a technology that speeds up pages by using smooth transitions between subpages. Subpages are not reloaded but only replace the current content – hence the name Single-Page – everything happens on one subpage.


Typography-based layout is one of the clearest trends for the coming year 2020. Typography has always been and is crucial in website design, but has now become a project key. 2020 is a nod to non-standard typefaces, typographic variations.

Marquee and scroll … sideways

The marquee effect is automatic scrolling in the horizontal axis of the text. The trend will be popular in creating 2020 websites. The use of this method will definitely give a unique modern character at the moment.

The trends presented are directions of development that are dictated by the changes taking place in our lives and the development of technology, but remember to follow trends, but to design in your own style characteristic of us.

Professional logo. How to create them and why you should have them.

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The graphic symbol is the most important visual attribute of the brand

Let’s think for a moment what makes one logo design gain our attention, it is deeply remembered, and the other disappears in a multitude of multi-colored forms. Of course, as is well known, many logotypes have become iconic mainly thanks to the great product they sign and proper marketing built over the years. I would like to focus on the situation when the logo debuts on the market, and look at the aesthetic and technical qualities that I think should have a good logo. I intentionally omit NAMING or corporate names and CI or visual identification because I will talk about them in the next articles in the series of brief thoughts on branding topics.

Therefore, a good logo and adequate to the industry are the result of several key elements. The most important of them are idea, typography, symbolism and colors. When designing a logo, I start with an analysis of the industry, the area of ​​activity of a given company or institution and competitive products that should protect us from being secondary, and most importantly by being accused of plagiarism. The image search function in google search is helpful. It is also certain that the illustrative character of the sign does not have such problems as the simplest geometrically graphic forms that in a given situation come to the mind of the designer first.

Logo concept

I am looking for keywords with certain features that will help me choose the right means of expression. Words such as experience, prestige, modernity, classic, reliability, entertainment, pleasure, etc. are examples that will become the starting point of the logo design process.

przyklady dobrze zaprojektowanego logo

Symbols and colors appear in my head that remind me of the features I want to display. A good logo designer must know the color psychology (we will also write about it) and use it skillfully, and check the cultural connotations in these matters (e.g. white in China is associated with mourning and sadness to avoid unnecessary problems. It is recommended to start working on the logo from brainstorming in a sketchbook, it is good to create a digital moodboard that is a collection of photos and graphics resulting from the climate (style) we want to get. From sketch to ready logo.

The process of creating a logo

We already have some ideas and visions of stylistics, so it’s time for a brainstorm in a sketchbook, or on the screen (I recommend traditional media for starters). If I create a logo, I experiment with the form of a signet and typography, I am looking for the second bottom, I try to avoid clichés like the signet from the first letters of the name (popular in the fashion industry sometimes passes the exam, Chanel, Yves Saint Larent, Louis Vuittton, etc.) I am checking the possibility of smuggling some content in negative space (see arrow in FedEx logo, C in Carrefour etc.).

When I have a favorite among sketches, I start the vector graphics program, grab a feather and get on Bezier curves. It is important that all logo elements have a minimum number of curve editing points to obtain perfect lines. I try to maintain consistency in form, i.e. choose corners or curves, abstractions or realism, etc. The signet ring is ready, so it’s time for the right typography. I believe that this is the most difficult stage in the logo design process and requires from the designer a lot of knowledge in the field of typography, lettering and great sense.

Difficulties encountered when designing the logo

There is nothing worse than a law firm or a hotel with traditions adorned with an experimental futuristic typeface, or an IT company with antique baroque or decorative Easter eggs. An adequate font will give the right character and bring to mind the right associations. We’ve worked so far on an achromatic scale. Our logo in black and white (it’s best to start designing in achromaticity) is already great, it’s time to give it a color. There are situations when raw black reflects the whole brand philosophy, often accompanies luxury goods, but we usually need more colors for the sign to convey the emotions and associations we care about.

Color psychology in the logo

Of course, knowledge of color psychology is key here and it is advisable to use a complementary color wheel. Schemes built according to the triad, analogy, shades give the most interesting harmonious color palettes. We try to match the colors (do not overdo it with their number, a maximum of 3) to harmoniously harmonize with the logo and reflect its character.

A good logo is the first step to effective communication with the environment that will emphasize our uniqueness and bring us many new customers.