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About project

We had the pleasure to develop a visual identity system for a German company from the IT industry. Mixada is a team of engineers with over a decade of experience, specializing in electrical engineering, especially in IT networks and data security. The brand’s professionalism resulted in government orders for, among others, the Ministry of Economy and Technology of Germany, NATO units and many banks and other institutions where data security is the basis.

The company audit and its analysis revealed elements of the graphic key. The signet ring in the logo is an X in shape referring to the spreading IT waves and bundles of specialized cables. Together with the simple and bold sans serif typography, form and color, it creates a modern IT brand that emanates solidity and technological innovations.

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Nowoczesny projekt logo
Nowoczesny projekt logo
Nowoczesny projekt logo
Identyfikacja Mixada
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Projekt strony internetowej Mixada
Nowoczesny projekt logo dla firmy Mixada
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