Agenza is close-knit group of talented, experienced creatives. We create brand identities, do UX & UI design for websites and conduct effective marketing.

Agenza branding studio is a design team founded by the designer and illustrator Tomasz Paweł Górski.

Each member of our team, apart from specialization, has graphic education. We are also members of the STGU Graphic Designers Association. We know that you should stand out from the crowd and make the recipient understand this difference. We build the world of brand and content marketing. We have the courage and determination to create a unique identity that stretches new horizons and possibilities for the brand.

If you want to raise your brand above the sea of mediocrity, give it the proper shine, we serve with enthusiasm all your knowledge, talent and experience. We take brands above average. We are able to make them communicate their best features and penetrate the clients’ awareness.

Siedziby naszej agencji znajdują się w Szczecinie i Gryficach, ale nasze usługi świadczymy dla klientów z całej Polski i Europy. Każdy członek naszego zespołu, poza specjalizacją, ma wykształcenie graficzne lub programistyczne. Jesteśmy również członkami Stowarzyszenia Twórców Grafiki Użytkowej STGU. Wiemy, że należy wyróżnić się z tłumu i sprawić by odbiorca tą różnicę zrozumiał.

Working with ambitious clients gives us the opportunity to give it everything
we’ve got as an agency. Our tried and tested approach gets real results.


– Naming
– Logo
– Visual identity
– Graphic design

Website design

– Internet shops
– responsive websites
– mobile websites
– technical support


– advertising campaigns
– content marketing
– inbound and outbound marketing
– influencer marketing
– promotion in social media


– interior and object photography
– product sessions and packshots
– business portraits
– photography of parties and events

Some of our recent work


MOYE Apartments Kołobrzeg

Projekt logo MIH design - Branding

Branding + web design


projekt logo dla firmy telekomunikacyjnej


Mixada Branding

logo dla firmy budowlanej

Branding + web design



Architect Katarzyna Kamińska

Branding + website

Indust Furniture

projekt logo dla apartamentów sedina


Villa Sedina branding

Sesja fotograficzna wnętrza lodziarni Syrena w Międzywodziu


Syrena – Ice cream & coffee

Branding + website

Krono Interior

Meet the team of Agenza Studio specialists

Agata Górska
Project manager | Marketing | PR

Agata Górska

A woman with many faces and talents. Master of logistics and project process management. In love with New York, design and fashion. It turns artistic disorder into a precise branding machine.

Art director | Designer | Photographer

Tomasz Paweł Górski

Studio founder, designer, visionary. Specialist and passionate of graphic design, branding and fine arts. Enthusiast of painting, calligraphy, boxing, photography, technology and pop culture, among others.

Tomasz Filipek Fotograf
Web & graphic designer | Photographer

Tomasz Filipek

A fan of new technologies, good design and novel by Carlos Ruiz Zafona. In his spare time photographer, traveler and owner blog . Nothing is impossible for him, he designs websites at agenza.

Agnieszka Misikonis
Specjalista HR | Marketing

Agnieszka Misikonis

A well-organized professional. Enthusiast of a healthy lifestyle and interior architecture. Has a kind of sixth sense. Our team is close-knit, the client’s need is well recognized and defined.

Whatever we make, it’s made with passion and precision.

So if you’ve got an idea you want to get in front of your customers, and want to build a website, get involved in branding or digital marketing, contact us via on one of our social channels.

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