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Together we can do more! It has been known for a long time that we can achieve greater benefits by opening ourselves to cooperation than by acting alone. This is also the case in branding when brands combine marketing, graphic design and brand identification for mutual good.

What is cross marketing?

Cross marketing, also known as cross marketing, is primarily a chance to reach a double audience, but also proof of the brand’s maturity. Creating a good brand strategy using cross marketing benefits both cooperating brands. Cross marketing is a collaboration of at least two entities whose offers complement each other, consisting of combining promotional activities, branding and graphic designs.Czym jest cross marketing

What are the benefits of cross marketing?

  • expanding the audience
  • brings benefits to both sides, warming the image of both sides (brands)
  • allows you to reach a larger and new audience
  • helps reduce the cost of promotion by creating joint promotional materials, joint branding, graphic designs, brand identification or a common brand strategy.

In a word, cross marketing can be described as sharing expenses and multiplying profits 🙂

Once we know that cross marketing will bring us great benefits by optimizing the budget and multiplying communication channels, two things are important:

  • the right business partner,
  • appropriate branding studio that will carry out professional projects and visual identity of the brand.

Cooperation as part of cross marketing activities brings specific benefits – image and sales, as well as allows you to optimize the costs associated with promotion.

budowanie cross marketingu w internecie

Examples of good cross marketing

Cross marketing is the answer to current trends. We know of collaborations of fashion brands, which are a kind of cross marketing. Cooperation between brands has already become the norm in the fashion world. Collaborations are a great combination of high fashion and street wearu. Since the first collection of Karl Lagerfeld from H&M in 2004, information on subsequent collaborations appears from week to week.

Virgil Abloh, artistic director of the Louis Vuitton male line and founder of the Off-White brand is the undisputed king of fashion collaborations in recent years. On December 3, 2019, the Dior collection show for fall 2020 took place, during which the surprising Dior x Air Jordan 1 „Air Dior” shoe design was officially presented, a project combining high fashion with streetwear and a sneakers environment.

Applications for cross marketing

Let us remember that consent builds, and disagreement ruins. In the pre-Christmas period, it is worth considering, look around yourself, open to cooperation with others … Cross marketing is a great example of cooperation that can bring greater profits to brands, thanks to the synergy effect, which is a process of interaction of two or more factors with a greater effect on the total interaction than on the effect of their single action.

Let’s not hesitate, let’s ensure good branding, because good branding also means cross marketing and cooperation with other brands.