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New trends in creating websites and online stores are a derivative of technological development and how we use the internet. Keeping track of trends, we should keep a distance with every project and choose something good and characteristic for it, because fitting „by force” into any trend can have the opposite effect.

Trends are the answer to the problem and should be its solution. They are also a reaction to a change of habits, a different lifestyle, to the changing world around us.

The approaching year 2020 brings us a lot of new and interesting solutions, but first of all about the trends that have become a standard when designing websites.


User Experience, i.e. the whole experience that the user experiences when using the website or mobile application. This area is already being discussed in the context of every website. It will be no different in the years to come. Minimalism and thoughtful UX will make the pages even more effective in acquiring users, and thus customers. Inspiration can be social media or mobile applications, it is important that this translates into positive experiences for customers.


Only a few years back the website’s responsiveness was its additional advantage. Today it is a total standard and must have. First and foremost, websites need to look good on smartphones, because more and more page views are currently generated by mobile devices. This is supported by Google with the initiative of AMP, i.e. accelerated mobile websites. It is an open source project that makes websites load quickly on smartphones even with slow connections. They are saved in Google AMP memory, which speeds up loading. Combined with universal Responsive Design, this is an irreversible direction in which web design is heading. The following years will only strengthen this trend.

mobilne strony internetowe trendyMinimalism

Minimalism in web design is a well-known trend and will continue to function for years to come. Thanks to it, the pages show the most important things and user friendly. They can impress you with their simplicity. Minimalist design is and will be trendy. In such a „minimalist” environment, the most important content attracts attention and the user knows exactly what to do.

Examples of our pages made in a minimalist style:, and


We are observing more and more websites, where video plays a major role. Fast-running movies can convey more attractive content than text. It also results from the fact of browsing websites on smartphones, where we are used to watching (photos or just video) rather than reading. Pictures and videos from the life of the company are more convincing than a long, lofty description of the company’s activity, which … nobody reads anyway;)

Trends in web design for the coming years


Brutalism refers to the mainstream architecture of the late 1940s. The name was taken from the French „brut” which means „raw”. Pages made in the spirit of brutality have a simplified interface to the limits of decency. Strong edge selection, very contrasting colors and … BRUTALITY are the characteristics of pages made in accordance with this trend.

Single-Page Application

Single-Page Application is a technology that speeds up pages by using smooth transitions between subpages. Subpages are not reloaded but only replace the current content – hence the name Single-Page – everything happens on one subpage.


Typography-based layout is one of the clearest trends for the coming year 2020. Typography has always been and is crucial in website design, but has now become a project key. 2020 is a nod to non-standard typefaces, typographic variations.

Marquee and scroll … sideways

The marquee effect is automatic scrolling in the horizontal axis of the text. The trend will be popular in creating 2020 websites. The use of this method will definitely give a unique modern character at the moment.

The trends presented are directions of development that are dictated by the changes taking place in our lives and the development of technology, but remember to follow trends, but to design in your own style characteristic of us.