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Only a few years ago, Pantone from Carlstadt, New Jersey and its system were known mainly in the printing industry and also in the related graphics industry. Today, thanks to thoughtful marketing, Pantone has permanently entered the pop culture and all sorts of design and design industries from graphics, through interior architecture and fashion, to industrial design.

For several years, the company cyclically chooses the color of the year which imprints on what color will be the most fashionable items of everyday use. This is how a specialist company from the printing industry has become a colorful trendsetter known all over the world. The year 2020 is Classic Blue, which is simply blue. A year ago it was Living Coral, and before that Ultra Violet. All these colors have been around for centuries, but for some time Pantone’s suggestibility has been noticeable. Unfortunately, even the rivers in India are convinced about this influence, where the highly developed textile industry chemically dyes them in a currently fashionable color.

Blue, so we will have a year of blissful peace full of ideas.

According to the psychology of colors and research, cool blue calms down, lowers pressure, stimulates creativity and inspires confidence, which is why it is often used by IT, insurance, medical industries etc. It brings to mind relaxation, intelligence, strength, spirituality, coolness, freshness and other qualities, among others, for associations with the sky, seas and oceans, but this article does not focus on this.

The color scale created by Pantone is the most complete set of colors developed for the printing industry, as well as all creative industries where color plays a very important role. The basic scale describes 1761 colors for coated and uncoated substrates, and each color has a unique number. They are formed by mixing 18 pigments (including white and black). Hence their reproduction on RGB and CMYK scales (4 colors) is not easy and requires experience and sensitivity.
Kolory pantone praktyczne informacje

In addition to basic colors, Pantone also offers metallic and fluorescent colors.

Color samples are very helpful in standardizing the desired color when dealing with different printing technologies and various substrates. Agenza Studio has naturally been using the Pantone pattern book for years, which is crucial in the color management process, which does not change the fact that we supplement it with RAL, NCS, Avery and Oracal, Plexiglass etc. templates to comprehensively control the colors.

Thus, from the hermetic world of the printing industry, Pantone emerged into the wide waters of pop culture, all creative industries and became a symbol of the world of colors.